I am going to take you on a visual tour of  fashion through the ages of time, comparing the influences it has on today’s designers and stars. History repeats itself, this is definitely true in the creative world. We get inspiration from our ancestors! 🙂

Ancient Egypt: In the days of the Great Pyramids people didn’t have high tech sewing machines. Still, they managed to create  timeless pieces in fashion.  Sleek, vertical lines communicating strength and grandeur, to swooping drapes of fabric – soft and sexy.  The fibers they used to make their clothing were all light weight. It was too hot to use anything else.  Charcoal for eyeliner – yep, makeup has been around for quite a while.  The Egyptians knew their style!  Today we see this dynamic look practically everywhere!

Fashion then:  Most of what we know of their clothing is from paintings and statues. Here you can see what the women of Ancient Egypt wore.