Ok, so, being lost in the land of school books and papers, fighting the professor lords against the dark forces of studying, rescuing grades in distress, and recovering my good name, it has been super busy lately! Though, I will add my grades are not in distress. 🙂

Here, we go onto Byzantine! The city that roughly started around 330 (just before the fall of Rome) to the 1453 – that’s practically through the Dark Ages. The Byzantine Empire lasted a long time, nearly 1200 years! Note though, the dates of the empire are fuzzy and no one is quite sure when it specifically started and ended.


I am so excited about this era in modern fashion! Channel recently did a line inspired from the Byzantine time period. What a find!

Byzantium was the bridge in time connecting the fall of Rome to the Dark Ages. That’s a loose interpretation, but its accurate enough. Byzantine was an aloof empire and at its heart, Constantinople didn’t share a lot of its knowledge.

We’re going to see the beginnings of ornate detail trickle into style. Constantine was big on Christianity and a lot of focus went to architecture, and from that there are many frescos and icons that illustrate the fashion of the day. Though they’re still very robe-like we do see that stitching was coming in. The elements of similarity that I am focussing on in this demo are the neck lines. You will see in the following photos heavy, ornate, and jeweled neck lines. You will find, however, there isn’t a lot to compare, but a few hints are found.

Today’s inspiration is fun and exciting.  I adore the Byzantium influence in these modern clothes! Byzantine fashion: