My post may be far and few in between, but we will get through the ages of fashion!   We’re about to delve into the Tudor era. I have separated the posts for men’s fashion and women’s fashion. Enjoy! King Henry VIII (1492-1547) was the second Tudor to come to the throne of England in the 15th century. He succeeded his father Henry VII in 1505. The Tudor era can, some- times, be easily out shined by the Elizabethan era when it comes to fashion. However, the Tudors knew how to dress!  And, it’s going to get might complicated and strangely fascinating!  The TV series, The Tudors, is what I will use to compare the Tudors of today to the real ones of the 15th century. Men’s fashion was becoming more stylish during this time compared to what it had been in previous eras. One of the most notable changes was that people were starting to have fun with different kinds of sleeves.  They used varying lengths and widths and crazy cuffs of all sorts.

So, there you have a quick basic overview of men’s, royal Tudor costume. It was a fascinating time in history. It was the simmer before the boil of the Renaissance which really got life busy and took fashion to an extent it had never seen before!  But, that’s another post.   In my research I found this neat website on Tudor history for anyone who is interested in that family and era. 🙂